U.S.A. 60 Minutes A Day

U.S.A., U.S.A.
U.S.A.D.A. a regime for a regimen
of Olympic proportions
to get on the cover of Wheaties they must weed out
performance enhancing drugs and...
athletes on weed

and by example create a routine
that if it succeeds
is a regimen, their recipe for a reign...
you in

You begin with Olympians then we all pee in
the War on Drugs like the War on Terror
never ends
urine we’re all in these wars

U.S.A., U.S.A.
who’s to blame U.S.A.D.A., P.N.A.C.
Olympics and politics
that can claim any man or any land
they want to drain your fluids yellow or black
before you race or before you embrace weed or WMD’s
they attack
with cups and shells

it’s either, or
United States anti-doping agency or “sneak and peek”
patriotic acts
shock and ahhh...cup in hand, bombs bursting in air
they seek to schedule every...
for war

No unique persons or places allowed wow,
start with no borders, then snowboarders
they have a ring for your thing
it goes in your nose, and now they need to know...
your exact 60 minute schedule within each day of a 3 month period
one year before those rings sing...

prisons from Guantanamo to Bagram to your own
those above have a sting those below just drone
worker athletes or soldier bees
no buzz
cause our urine and our Constitution
canon fodder
a New World Order

that doesn’t take Q’s but your P....
...atriotism, your ‘tis of me or thee
better be weed and oil free
anti-doping or anti-terror...

will end your personal or country
for global sovereign supremacy


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