Alpha Mail in the New Year Two Thousand and One

An old man looking up to the sky
seeking the light of a third eye night
burning bright, heaven sent, earth bound
so he can walk around looking up
on the darkest night to the deepest light
seeking insight above the right of might

Oh man, third eye in the sky
looking down, as we walk around
third brightest light isn’t heaven sent
its light was lit by a rocket launch
alpha phallic idolatry
this eye in the sky is watching me
U.S...S.R. - a star
red, white, and … blue on a starry night
new guiding light on a December night
four star generals burning bright
under this light, understand their might
three wise men can find a night
outta their sights

we may
look up in time, to say, the second coming
was meant to be a blast from the past
an ejection from a Florida pad
that countdown is a come down
for all who look up in disgust
at this metallic reflection of US
we’ve seen enough
misguided missiles, rockets emptying our pockets
military missionaries surrounding our grounding
misleading wise guys follow their stars
followed and funded by millions of followers
of this fallow new genius

In the beginning there was Alpha shining third bright
followed by right and now shining bright
in this new starring night
crisscrossing what was once a delight
we have
Alpha Beta, Coca Cola, 7-up
it’s a WalMart up there
heaven’s for sale

Three current wise men followed their star
‘til it fell upon them
then it dawned upon some
that from the first brightest one
to the six billionth son
the light that we need
comes second to none