Playing Above…Your Head

Coach always said it was a “business”
so, he’ll do what’s best for him
yeah for him it’s a business, for you it’s your school
for him it’s a business, don’t be a fool
you’re not a tool, or a fool, or digits for dollars or doctrines
who else can they use, in their game, on their way
playing above your head
for reasons that are never said

Nineteen year olds indoctrinated by coaches or colonels
to believe that the “Business of America is business”
that B.A. is B.S. regardless of Degree
it ain’t cool, Coolidge wasn’t speaking for you, fool
that’s a foul, foul language that leads
nineteen year old recruits used as college or cannon fodder
universities, semper fi’s, and high fives
that start with you but too often end in why
making means or money out of you
students turned dollar wise but sense less

You see
U.C.’s, U.S.C.’s, U.C.L.A.’s making you believe
it’s a business and not a game, what a shame
U.S.M.C.’s, U.S. Armies, selling war as game, what a shame
on them
that claim to teach but preach
that to reach the final round, you must
sell yourself pound by pound, to the sound
National Anthems, National Championships, NASDAQS

It’s an age old attack, on
nineteen year olds, kids being sold
a Bill of Goods, instead of the Bill of Rights
nineteen year olds, sent on to the court, or
out of the fort
to gamble with their lives

Even, if they’re told by coaches, colonels, corporations
“Son, it’s just business”
they know, if you’re prematurely sold
they can bet
black or white
go for the red, white or gold


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