Asymmetrical warfare comes home
blowback the blow, ... holes in the story
who holds the key why do we just get a peek
is there Mission Creep, are there ghosts casting shadows
over u.s.

Asymmetrical messaging for killing
the dream, the Bill of Rights 1 through 10, to 13 to all men, to all women
to a Policeman’s Bill of Rights
are we the whale the Dick’s are after
from Cheney to Bush to Obama
new doctrines, P.N.A.C., to A.U.M.F., to N.D.A.A., ends our old Constitution
old Europe to a new America
sailing relationships slip and sink
into pink slips and kill lists on white paper and memos to tortured...

Dorner the man, the manhunt, the murderer, the manifesto
checkmate, names dates times places, the mandates
asymmetrical warfare
acronyms, A.U.M.Force, hymns don’t declare war anymore
Cold War Drug War War on Terrorism
wars of choice corporate course in Totali...telling of U.S.
Cheney Bush Obama captaining a shift chasing down our rights
using snipers and medals drones Special Operations doctrines
of secrecy and surveillance and proxy wars from our shores.....

Now Homeland, and hope and change leader
with heredity and history in Africa and Asia “pivots” there
through “jointing” and “blurring” militaries and mercenaries
become our “State” Department

and it all comes home, if we’d only lived our creed
all men and women treated equally forces to end tyranny
would you see if we were open and free would there be
killings from sea to sea to overseas
would we have overzealous prosecutions of war, people, places, firings

of “pivoting” and “jointing”
policies abroad come aboard, NYPD and Goldman Sachs click a security fix
“JIC”..., LAPD and other agencies fill in to find...
ex-navy ex-cop, ... cracks into violence using media for mileage
it works from the top down towers to power
arising a fall into a militarization of U.S.

The force isn’t with you if you kill innocents
and you’re no hero if you slur Arabs, Asians, Blacks
racism, sexism, imperialism
bringing death, drones, and asymmetrical warfare
to people from L.A. to Afghanistan, Iraq or any other illegal attack
is injustice in man...ifestos
from the unabomber to “Shock and Awe” to Dorner to AFRICOM
name dates times places check the facts
operational impunity has no place in Iraq, Afghanistan or L.A....

to get the word out
from behind the blinds of corporate controls, new signs
good, bad, in these times roots of crime
come to light in various plights
“An American Lantern” revered Aaron Swartz martyred himself
a navy and police trained Dorner kills and is killed
up on the hill
we invade torture and drone

Terr...or is it a sign
a gulf, ... between Gulf Wars and the course we set in the Spirit of ’76
new “pivots” leaving divots, holes in one nation indivisible...
into mandates invasions Bush elections 9/11 lies and times
and ties to places from Afghanistan to Yemen

to a review, to recheck and renew balance to the scales of justice
names dates times places
from Washington to Obama from 1776 to 9/11 to all our rights
from Lexington to Concord to elections hiring and firing
the sound heard ‘round the world shouldn’t be

There is truth justice and the American way
no exceptions
it’s not lost to us, who believe in we
the people
to create equality and justice for all life