Our Fellow Taste Buds

How do you get into the “belly of the beast” who eats...
pigs chickens cows, ... can’t vote but weed won
and in Washington there’s hope for a whole new sum
for now some who slaughter ‘em now want to feed ‘em...
weed waste, stems, roots, leaves, them with new hope

They’ve been eating waste and becoming ours for years
but now waste with taste may increase
their weight and profits
but the prophets in this weed may pass through intestines
to testify to those who dine on thine then find
an after meal feeling for thoughts about eating

sows, cows, chickens, ...shit
a weeding way to roots of seeing living and dying
and why am I dining on beings
who are seeking a better tasting life

Stemming these feelings for how we are feeding
leaves us needing some cannabis
to cure the cancer of not seeing the emptiness of our eating
without feeling

Weed has a way to grow in plots
for our flowering top
from on high it finds its way through
grass roots democracy
for pot pigs, pot chickens, and grass fed cattle

to refine home home on the range
into a new home grown well tuned harmonized version
with a gut feeling for a live and let live
for animals as munchies and the seed of we as trustees
a THC...saw
to our fellow
taste buds


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