Maybe Even Five Times a Day

Boobies, bongs, bibles and free speech survival
“Keep a Breast” of education of Town council meetings
and court room readings
what we’re seeing is appealing and appalling but the Circuit Courts
are not the last serve in this volley
of words and rights and name’s change

From schoolhouse gates to invocations who can say, what when where
in God we Trust the pearly gates but on the floor of your
Supreme Court
we trust 9, only takes 5 and “Boobies” could become
“Plainly lewd” and Kayla and Brianna, the 3rd Circuit, and we would lose
to anti “Tinker” man Thomas who in anti “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case said
“Teachers commanded, and students obeyed”
no armbands, bong hits or boobies for he
in the land of the free

It was all about the 1st Amendment and establishment to the 2nd Circuit
it, christian prayers in Greece, N.Y. “endorse” religion in Town council meetings
but met standing from the Supreme Court to the White House
it’s not austerity but it could be a nativity for scenes
from graduation places to pledges to allegiance to god and government
can you receive me, believe me, if you don’t see me
recite or salute do you refute me

Some have commanders, each has commandments
but “we the people” have amendments and I love be...atitudes
that protect our Constitution and each’s constitution
if the Supreme Court of 5 short circuits the 2nd in the name of the
“Coercion” standard
and standardizes the 3rd Circuit to return students to
“Traditional bounds”

we may become found, u.s. entrapped not in “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”
but inscribed in a stone cold pray our way
maybe even five times a day
school, court, town, house, out and about
never “Tinker”, no “Boobies”, no “Bong Hits”, no separation of church and state...
judge decides
has been