An un Al...chemical Separation of Bonds

school to your Constitution
are there to hold you to their truths
not to be construed
to sell construction as Apples or war as American pie

L.A. delivered iPads on the foundation of Construction Bonds
that’s an Apple with a bite out of it
tablet writ in a software that tracks whose feats

These Apples in the students’ hands, don’t need or see the teacher’s desk
no ogling I’s for teachers’ side they Google wise
this new school biz is to teach with this device to standards bought
never taught to think with the ink that runs through them
just tap a key, “teacher”, just put that Apple on my desk
oh wizard in my screeeeen

How did you come to be, ... Apple free on my desk
it’s a bonding fact, a construction shell game
it’s a fun...damental sell game
wireless infrastructure, computer lab room “nobody” knew when they paid
it’s an iPad on your desk, home, room, but the bonds retire in 25 years
and the tablet is through in 3 to 5 then what does L.A. do
to “level the playing field”, if you lose the Apple is the bite out of you
is the fine designed for your level of paying what’s due

Don’t sell us then tell us...
we reconstructed the language and by the way it’s a British curriculum
for your little person it’s a “Pearson” software for a hardsell
wormhole for a rotten processing that began with a bond
for construction becomes an iPad for Apple

a missive on language changing the meaning of bonds passed
for schools through you to your Constitution
who who declares war, you, you through Congress it’s self defense
unless you change national and international law to international

War, war, no more war, how about “humanitarian war”
to suit your “Red Line” drawn from the trenches of WWI
no chemical weapons no WMD’s
except when the he’s or she’s are Hiroshima and
we’re seeing Russian “Red” rising, ... setting Japan must surrender unconditionally to U.S.
then Vietnam needs Agent Orange, Kosovo a little D.U. for a powder blue
Fallujah away in a white phosphorus way

Let’s not separate the truth about who’s used them
the truth is all of us must not use them
no new doctrine for war even from a Nobel Peace Prize winner he lobbies for war on them
war must be in self-defense
not rest on Executive or Congressional prerogative
war power is given to us and we must serve it
narrowly and openly through freedom of the press
not 9/11 Patriot Acts or War Power Acts
that have lead to false flag attacks
from Nagasaki to talking points for Tonkin Gulf
no smoking guns to Kosovo oh mushroom clouds never found

Founding Fathers laid it down
war is not the “norm” we the people need to know
self defense bonds to U. S.
when the DNA of the U. S. A. is the spirit
that’s in all of us