Out...fields of 9/11 Horror Come Home

Johnson up for Homeland Security
he used to be looking at “baseball cards”
no more aces and spades
that was Iraq this is a whole new Homeland

What’s the deal
Jeh Johnson Pentagon general counsel diamond
in the White House white wash Black Op’s to come
Obama cares “Runaway General” McChrystal covers up Tillman
then advises families of killed and fills in at Yale
he hails from JSOC and the surge
Skull and Bones

Raise the flag
this portrays a General nepotism
General Petraeus at CUNY he of COIN
it’s a whole new made in the U.S.A.
for America’s game

Johnson up for Homeland Security his signature
strikes out, on Terror Tuesdays
he’s looking at “baseball cards” who’s on first, who’s up second
signature strikes
one it’s a male, two he’s bearded, three there’s three of them
all hail
the father, the son Awalaki’s and a Khan home run hits
on AmerIcan

Bring the out...fields of 9/11 horror home
generals and counsels who rode and wrote
into illegal invasions of others’ homelands and homes and drones
targeted killings, Black Op’s, and JSOC
an extraordinary rendition

from John Hancock to a signature that strikes out
liberty and justice for security and surveillance
from sea to shining sea to a globalIism
a home run with stars and stripes
where nobody remembers
the original script or score


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