The DoDo and Getting it Done

Asteroids have rings and the outer Oort
has a giant planet
sized surprise
and the Nobel Peace Prize goes to Obama
bombs bursting in air
and on this plane the last DoDo bird landed, …
not knowing flight or man’s hand for might and his thirst for
did the DoDo in, giving rise to aman's handling of earth’s verse
no poetry

no knowing just going where no man knows
where it ends just begin
with sheep how many unholy Dolly’s, how many cloned unknowns
our own cells repelled this revolution and resisted this siege
till our blastocysts succumbed to this aman's kingdom come
A C G…Thymine…ing markers for the coming
of three genie babies

See that tree it was like you and me pre its chloroplasts
to be managedmade like wee to perceive this reality
conformity made for tele…vision not telepa…thy computer screen received scientifically
from noble to Nobel
our heads swelled

there are rings around asteroids and a planet in the outer Oort
isn’t it sort of asinine to think we know enough to re-plan…et
to just do it because we can do it
as to you, plants and animals
into our sheep we creep into our plants we sow…
we know 2% of our DNA and the rest is “junk” so…
into our cells we go Big Brother orwell
drought invaded thought

A new reign
nanobiotic non-natives to invade to “give”
functions to plants non-native to them
highly evolved solar power beings
caught in the M.I.T. of team scientist
with a tunnel vision implanting nanotubes in chloroplasts
plants resisted not unlike our blastocysts
their roots said no truth to your vascular invasion
sow nanoparticleists parted their leaves
but this either or was ignored by plant lore

orr orr the scientists poor, pour over for another or
the pores the pores the sacred stomata oars
that pull in carbon dioxide and let oxygen
out out for us

So these jinn scientists shot from on high…
pressure through a syringe
addicted to getting it in and getting it done
gone gone the DoDo they just do it with a vengeance
 nanotubes into the stomata
criss-crossing robotics and genetics for the new aman's hands
lands nanobiotics into the plant

path oh jinn to the chloroplasts
these nanoparticles parting the see of green
articles of a new faith now encased
in a highly charged polymer
err a man’s sperm urge with a hard on to create their assembly
slips into the lipid bubble of plants as an
amen to man

Red light laboratory night…
vision sees green light the light the plant doesn’t need to see
this mighty M.I.T. caught on their own vision quest for seeing green to
not the view of an Increase and Cotton Mather type scene
this is a new god’s catch if a “success”
this increased light absorbed through these Dark Knight tubes

there are more magnetic nanoparticles exotics
projects plants as antennae
not to receive the divine but to serve the mind of
to power themselves regardless of toxic…
side effects

This maninplantmachinery is a daring do
darwinian reductionist assembly line
the evolution
that did in the DoDo to sow sow
planting of let’s just do it
onto plants and animals and what the hell well
we’ll, will to do
in man