anonymous Tipping Point

From high school to the high court
the anonymous tip
tilts the scales of justice from blind
to police can pull anybody over and the law is
on their side

in a Mendocino, … hear no see no tipping point
dialing in speeding or swerving, leads to a scene
justus on a tip
not from Anonymous they’re on our side
just “some” one or who knows who calls in an
anonymous tip

of the relationship of citizen to be subjected to
from 911 dispatch for a midsummer afternoon’s, … truck
pulled to the curb, this pick-up pick-off anonymously
accused of forcing “some” car off, road
not seen not proved not charged but, …

Navarette “brothers”, … Law of attraction and lo and in stow
Lorenzo and Jose
arrested for, … trafficking
they contested in the name of the Fourth

but five to four the Supreme Court
swerved to serve not the Founding Fathers
nightmare of Redcoats
but the collapsing stop and search green light

given might
by Uncle Thom…as version of
U. S.


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