Now we have in U.S., corporate feudalism
with C.E.O.‘s and C.F.O.‘s the Big O...wners and players
on 60 Minutes calling themselves Robin Hood Foundation
placement for hood ornaments a...

don’t tax us just grant us, ... deductions, loopholes, evasions
and we’ll make and name a school after us
they don’t care much about the Magna Carta but Charter Schools
no union dues just principals that process a partnership
uniforms for a class code dress with respect
to top down principles, authority rules answer the questions
to Standardized Tests, A B to C.E.O. the owner of the forest
is no common denominator he sees the pupils
as products and market demands you return to school
summer fall winter spring
loaded for year round school to year round work...
if your file and vile
is question free

the Robin Hood of old Europe took from the rich in the name of the commons
but this is a new loom too big for public schools this is the privatization boom
coming to your country soon the buzz is a drone William Tell...
the teacher the Apple is on, ... iPads on every child’s desk
the Luddites are kryptonite to...

the Superpower fact - story, ... fits you’re monitored
all the necessary information stored
in the new American Century Robin, ... Hood richness is tax free
and they pour with trickle down