Weren’t we the first immunization nation…
free to choose a precedent to speak and be free of…
redcoat in the living room, robe in the home, lab coat in the bathroom!
to be innocent First, …alas
not watched but seen immune from the dis…ease
of King or Queen or authoritarian scenes
a make believe not made to believe
of laws not orders
of father and mother not Father or Motherland knows best

A Rest in Peace that granted we
that u.s. the trust to own
our own universe in speech home body and soul
into wars Cold, Drugs, Terror
prepared with an impunity and a new immunity
to question

Are we the first vacci…nation under a microscope
of a data draining urination with chilling
newly lens police eyes toward camera-ed classroom demise
with a new hospit…tally of doctor peeing in a hereditary heresy

A vaccination ok ok ok a vacci…nation that’s a mono…poly
a corporatism of a scientism a pilgrim regression
a Cotton Mather of a different sort…
of needle point presentation of power
in our beginning there were pin pricks for witches
elimination of midwifery and women’s rights
today is this needle point progress
or a which hunt which convinces us or condemns us
are we
in question…sition

46, ok ok ok what? Wait! War on Drugs
white coats to have in their hands your private…

to be part of a creeping peeing seeping into every crack
of our Liberty Bell
urine…nation Doctor drop your pants this is a test
no free wo…man should have to stand for
this sanitation is an insane inlay to drain
our fluidity for a damnable block
if taught to Ph.D’s! What’s a teacher to say
just say no to the on demand
datory his…story is not the story of U.S.

wo,…man to wear body cameras protects and serves who…
them us both now under surveillance
they should be vetted and we all wedded to our constitutions
we need police with wo…man…ners not robotic scanners
humans with enhanced Constitutional cognition not facial recognition

On the street in your home … upload
YouTubed into view
badges forced to be watchers in our name
are “we” the people in a new game
with same names
Doctors Teachers Police
men women teens
learning to be subject…ed to the chilling
new data based reality scaling and scanning
every move every word every P,…
collected collated collaborated, are we Ishe Isshe
issues of a last creed

Now he is she is following the script of a…
“We lead”
of we we wee for Homeland Security