The Perfect Pitch

The perfect pitch
from the cosmic rays put…
to gather our home land earth mass
has been grand slammed to a scale
out of balance and into distortion
by out of sorts’ … ties to lies
that have changed our freequency

Our true entrainment
for a containment station played to standardization
our overtones herded into a concert…tina wired ensemble
macromolecule we’ve been de-coded and dis-assembled
from infinity by that figure

Eight off concert pitch
and our home would be run
in tune with the infinite
out of tune the bassoon and the whole orchestration
hertz taken off and the score looks like
a cacophony with staffs and bars and
four star generalizations of nations
four four zero and lots of heroes
or taps

for the cosmic dance
that harmonizes all the strings
and sings
four three two, … our universal pitch
out out of the sticky wicket of gridlock and
into the prime merry epiphany Pythagoras heard