Colonial Relapse Disease

Axis of enti…ties Russia Today T.V.
to the Islamic State and Boko Haram
same sentencing by Chief of U.S. Broadcasting…
A. Lack in a grouping attack of Cold War
out of proportion a Voice of America Radio Free
warning to turning
on Russian T.V.

It’s a New Age T.V. and streaming blogging and tweeting
surveillance we can see you now the Iron Curtain’s been pulled
the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors
want to control your channeling

through an axis of entities like the Axis of Evil
back back to simplistic attacks
Iraq Iran North Korea Russia Today IS Boko Haram
gathering spins Obama puts ISIL in with “Russian Aggression”
U.S. vs them good guys bad guys

The past president of NBC is the ABC’s of CBS
the BBC of an English language monopoly
this new arm’s race reaches into your living room
and delivers

Lack, Kerry, Clinton
“Entities”, “Propaganda bullhorn”, “We are losing that war”
free speech
“Weaponizing information” living in your room is our purview
zoom zoom kick back boom boom
your trust busting our cold, war, terror, drug
propaganda, … da da doh
you’re pulling the rug beneath our pyramid feat
to your remote controlled finger…

to a promotion controlling funding ploy I want my
Uncle Sam T.V.
that jams, … a shut down defense
that trolls, that drones

for a hive mind a be still frequency
a colonial relapse disease
that is a hex…
be gone


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