A Sheepherder’s Dream

Here hear herd, from a President to be
from on high Hillary
“The science is clear, the earth is round, the sky is blue,
and hashtag vaccines work” to Jon Stewart’s tune
“Science-denying, affluent California liberals” were guilty
of practicing “A mindful stupidity”
diddy ditty dido

The herd immunity movement is a sheepherder’s dream
count ‘em medical pharmaceutical political science culls
any dissent is god sent or nonsense
the gathering herd first, from Disney-land of the free
where you now have to be in a Tomorrowland of u.s.
stick a needle into the Mickey Mouse of me
sow we can sing tis this is liberty
living in the Big Pharma is just…
us a shot from what used to be home home on a range
away from the hymn of herding choir voice and soloing

into a herdcore U.S.
assembling in line with an industrialized Pharming we
anti-vaccine is to be unheard urine in the fog of science
to be heard, speak for Big Scientism says
inject, a shot calling the earth round fits all
men women your children are created and insured
to be equally immunized
behind a Bill of Gates a vacci-nation of U.S.

Did we open all the files check all the vials
are there any tales from trials is there no Thimerosal
fish get methyl mercury do we get ethyl mercury

The marriage of man to woman woman to woman man to man
yes yes yes
no religious or philosophical exception for discrimination
but mandatory mandates
is a divide from our right of choice
to inject a vaccination is a pin prick from
a witch hunt
“American exceptionalism” has no exemptions
secular or religious
to a needle in “…hey that’s my body” anti-vac…

prick, heretic this is the no questioning Endquistion
herd immunity is a gospel
so thoughtful thou’s shall not be heard
measles mumps you’re a lump sum…

ends with a different prick of the heel to heal
now BioBanks
have your baby’s DNA
and in some states for a fee or maybe just freed
for re…search we used to be First and Fourth
now depend from birth to shots

to be herd
mandatory is a laboratory
for a schooling of Americans
from buffalo to cattle to chattel in Big Pharma America
you can’t be heard just-is
herded in America