“American Sniper”
rifle, scope, target WMD’s that were never seen,
women men deceased, lying, in country
occupied home town landing a hymn
of U.S.

through this scope, he dies, one shot at a time
sniper who does he see in his home
come from overseas his double takes
he takes
whose aim, whose role chosen or taken
lying in the background
whose soil whose oil lands together
Amer-i-can Iraq…key to the scope of this all encompassing

from shooting stars to shining seas a Pentagon to far,,,
East,,, would we see this picture the same if it befell
our sovereignty timbre of a sound first heard round the…
were of 1776
shooting from behind trees, uniform from overseas

American sniper
counter…parts from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq attacks
a hole in a worldview
that our sounds are heard as heroic
and theirs hollow

rings not of the Tree of Liberty
but of outposts, staked, to a collapsing rhetoric
red white and blue but untrue
claim jumping our foundations for leads
to lie behind the lines narrow
out of scope now coming into view

a Picture the aim the trigger it all comes round
lying in wait
comes into our


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