In Your Faceism

That bird in the birdbath
didn’t bathe when it came under my gaze
consequences to all of our yes, … sir veiled

Pray till
you see it, it changes
and so you do unto it, what it does when you do
prey tell
does it matter there’s a drone over you
the TV is watching, … you watch it
your computer screen
laptops over your pad tributaries into your tribulations, congratulations,
needs, views, sites, rivers of information to
an U.S. u-sur-vey with a very high interest rate

The state
a creek so far up, … the cloud it’s a reign
of the War on Terror
are you its, its
lists lists lists
counter-fit, current….sees
of defraudocracy

We took a bath in a damn
behind a reservoir built from a terror card reading
that be, … lies disguised as truth
and we told, fell fallen to a clear and pre…
cedent to more then a depression an unholy
full blown white washing your face


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