Baited ill-fated app…

What’s the bait
are the birds the bear the animal fare
the only ones
into an ill…fated
capture by our app…etite for a sedentary life
estrangement from the natural range of life
tricked they treason us
life for food

What a de…rangement from buffalo to beefalo
a cattleization to a feedlot of waste
are we just a Mc Donalds not of old but a new pharm wave
herded branded baited into a hands to mouth feed a lot trailing off as
pieces to a puzzle that sees us as chattel
the stuffing of us
a craving creating a head full of holes and round bellies full

so we can’t see our vitality as it Viagra
we capture life in snares cages outrages
as our suffrage selves… we veto others head to toe
hind quarter masters till we can’t even
huff and puff our feats around the latest Gulf
or feet a la cart of course golf

We think fast, … is a Maserati or a Corvette
we never forget to eat
but count sheep pork and the rest
to sleep in our core
a soft porn to the hard core that only you can heal yourself
if you can’t see from head to toe

feed your soul
it hungers not for a baited breath
caught in a Wal-mart of conformity
but a destiny
gleaned of dross for a filling thoughtfull-
the holy you


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