Not a Wilting Clone

Look aloft and stand tall
you’re not salutatorian not in the military hierarchy or devotee
or on the highest peak
you’re a we a we of the people

recognized in line, at a coffee shop or at the laundromat
you just got change
for the paper today
and the AMA is on a back back page ram…page
the paper is still of trees, now they need to fell
dispel degrade and up root the rising seed
a weed of a marijuana creed
medicine free

Coming down the mountain of guerrilla farming to a
backyard garden full of…
just we a people and a weed
growing not in conformity not in row row row
you’re not a know show that didn’t know
not to go to war that Schedule One
was a scheduling done to counter a culture
that now rises over the barbs the wire services
that pledge allegiance to mainstream politics
this weed is out of the underground and is
a smoke signal seen around the world

things are looking up hooking up hippies and rednecks
leathernecks our heads have seen
the bombs bursting in the air of backrooms
and the PTSD of buying into Towers of Power
falling for lies corruption and greed

We don’t need the AMA, pooh - whoing
our we … weed we’d studied without a Ph.D.
and this deed is our land granted our lore
we’ve stopped inhaling reefer madness
stop cutting our trees to sale away overseas
hemp hemp a way to

stop hailing the commandering chief and hail the cannabis
the peace…pipe line of a different … kind
life liberty and happiness not its pur…suit
in the straight jacket of suits and ties
fit for the few

This is a renewal a re-joining long overdue
a re…joice a beam to a home…grown from a spirited seed
through the ten foramina the tree of life
through the ten amendments the tree of liberty
life liberty and the pursuit … not of a wilting clone of we

Our deed is to heal u.s., is to see the Empire has ruled
as we
out at home
this is about face a revival
again woven on weed but this wave
lights up our