Body cameras for police V chips for your dog
who’s collaring who
shoulder pad chips for your block and tackle
action heroes, don’t pretend we’re not in the Google lens
tracking like a UPS truck run on an all data base line
not al-Qaeda that’s another base listing
these home runs are not of our old stasis but the new stat…us
seeing you and me in a see all
State of America

A wrecktangle
of surveillance foreign policy and national past…times
COIN…siding with the dark side
where the F.B.I. impersonates our 1st impressing itself as a news
fights crime with virtual crime a Stasi-like status quo
a quid pro quo to there goes U.S. for bog…u.s.
secret police stealing the secret of us
the Bill of Rights for Black op nights
from the Round Table of human light that looks us in the eye
to an inverted pentagram messaging our upside is looking down

On a new field game our territory a Deflategate opening
our shores to a new deeding
needing drones cameras angles chips off our cornerstones
foreign domestic and economic policy into a domin…matrix
a hat trick for an old crown blue red and white
a shell game a TPP a touchdown
Jesus Christ
what we have done to others Can Happen Here

Otay Crossing may be a mesa but it’s also a peek
to a plateau that is looking down the road to a mountain topping
but this isn’t just for coal it’s a cold
superpower leveling of the hope on the hill
we’re all about to become migrants into
a facial recognition and iris scan
that our land is now a bio…matrix

Ok let’s change our acronym to NSA
for the skelton of youSA is lying in the desert
in the name of border
we get a new hymn…nal in unisons
all say obey law and order


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