It’s a Dead End

I’m no Darwinian but the lion is losing
we’re evolving our distinction of driving others to extinction
killing carnivores for adornment of wall and halls
is a super-predator open door trigger warning
this full course is a slippery slope in the demise
a “Let them eat cake” hunting and fishing
aristocracy mistake
attacks on the top cats and big fish
is reeling in a non-sustainable reality
the end of Kings Queens in the human scene
is a shot heard ‘round the world

The snap shot of Walter Palmer pulling the trigger
through pulling our teeth is a saber-tooth reminder
of a mentality that has been disappearing the megafauna
since we arrived on the scene
a hunting strategy not unlike our stratocracy
a war
killing adults of our and other species
a speciesism
that divides and declines to find us
on the brink

Gone the mammoth going the bears
the sharks
stark is the similarity of us as a Superpower and predation
preying on the weak
but we as super-predators is death’s door there is no
bow and arrow cupidness to the unconscionable

Super-predation of other nations
lions and wolves
share the cattleman’s carnivores curse
vermin the terminology to prey on predators
a game changer
a trophy life at the top of the food chain in a trophy case

Zimbabwean Cecil American Palmer
we can hunt becomes canned hunting
belittling man in the name of men
his mane hangs our name in vain
maneless males
clearcut forests rising tides drought
unmanned drones

Sticks and stones how does it go predator prey
he or she was Hiroshima
carnivore omnivore herbivore
maybe the missing link
is how should we think about life
is a dead


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