Walking while free no profiling need, …
no pet seen code red Newport Beach sand…
sees red equals dead he or she species
coyote profiling I.D.’s
them as “wild dogs” “rabid pit bull” “mosquitos” “rats”
sounds like foreign policy
domestic labeling
“track them, shoot them” “kill them all”
them them them
long haired bearded male anywhere in Afghanistan
signature strikes, ….
back to our beginning Native Americans know this
them as
“the only good Indian is a dead one”
profiles not of courage or rights but fear and loathing other

we have a journalism dean writing of her profiling
“walking while black” police stop her, … for her safety
she’s walking while wearing ear buds, and this is just a check…

to a darker fate where we don’t make the rules
and the ruled must show
I.D., …
ing an oppressive Kafkaesque coding
race color clothes belief fur her him beard weird

Corinth Police Chief Walthall says it all legiti…
police stop Police State
lights camera actions good enough for a training day
hi ho walk safe or it’s a papers check mate
check points
that stop you walking or, ... talking Quentin Tarantino
criticizes police and “The Hateful Eight” has a
Christmas date
and the National Fraternal Order of Police has a
that stop you driving walking talking are reins
of a tightening reign

Dorothy Bland of our land writes “walking while black”
her John Hancock to her missive raises calls for her dismissal
stopped in her tracks footprints of a past Sandra Bland
and Freddie Gray shades of those
departed in the hands of police
we need beginning scenes free of unreasonable questioning

Are we the land of the free
home on a range not a chess game check, …
to be pawned into peons through wars on terror or drugs
tracking us to contain us with a blank check

Our treasured chests
black brown yellow white furry all life’s
orders should be bordered by inalienable rights
to live in liberty pursuing happiness


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