“Let them eat hay…”

Far from the Nixonian scheduling of weed
there’s a new grouping by W.H.O.
would have thought this meat coming out

food for thought
Group One carcinogen processed meat beacon
into bacon and hot dogs it’s a new ball game
for your home plate
Group One doesn’t have you saying cheese
but these meats are as cancerous as asbestos
smoking tobacco and formaldehyde
no more hiding or coated Four Food Group lies

In the next group “Probable Carcinogens”
fresh cuts to the quit pork beef red meats
lead doesn’t bleed but it’s a groupie
of these

The pasture to man-you-factory-farm animals
is a maze grazing to feed, … lots
of waste, of water of land
“Let them eat hay, then I’ll eat them”
that day is done
raised to kill, killed for consumption
is killing us

That hey day of the Four Food Groups
is dying
time to form a living bond
compassionate eating


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