Drones and Vans

Drones and vans a no man’s
a killing capture of our heart…
over a trust in u.s. to a just trust U.S.
American gamesmanship
leaves our shore on a ruse and abuses our portrait of patriotism
to see through a lens to act with apps arrogant arrogates open
kill capture platforms assassinations of Mr. or Miss…
attributes of select … tors of duty
so Creech sure of their painting by a JSOC or C.I.A. canvas…zings of
SIGINT metadata that ABSees he or her or them paintball

“Baseball Card” ID a stra…tocracy
stats for hits, runs through homes, any place its field
its facts find fix finish the FFF of EKIA
guilt by association the bio-signature kill chain
a Dark Plan…et empire with a signature kill list, … toward war

Drones and vans
we don’t need no boots on the ground
it’s the new SHU a panopticon gone watching over you
homecoming no prom…
imminent threats require military territory
for - u.s. of no stands

Hiroshima became Diablo Canyon echoes of war
the “Scream” becomes the peaceful atom and the evening
news is owned by a General … electricity is a Fukushima
and the War on Terror needs a Camp…
X-ray and the next picture is you x-rayed
on the streets of New York

Technology psychosis
9/11 backscatter waits in airports can’t wait to see, …
you on your home streets
Z Backscatter surveillance vans
of radiation you can’t see
i-on-i-zing zing
the Sing Sing of seeing through walls buildings brings
Afghanistan home no IED’s by great for ID…ing
Tali…ban any band suspicious
Geiger counting for counter-terrorism

Far from the Magna Carta or Ten Amendments charts…
for a new back stabbing of Habeas Corpus…
from sea to shining sea to seeing through and through
drones and vans a new SHU U.eSsAy
written in military industrial complex
expletives for free to a see see see si si si
Yes-Sir-Ring one is by land, two is by sea, three is in the air
“I can’t breathe”

suffocation of the Posse Comitatus Act to militarize the police
give me liberty, in Grabell v. NYPD…it doesn’t need to follow
court order
where are we
drones and vans how can we not see, …
an all seeing Homeland
is a demi…god not a god we can trust
droning is an eye in the sky a peek not of u.s. but a
machining a planing robotic tick talking security usurping

Our ode is the O2 to breathe free…
dome of the overseer is a mole…lecular combination
wee to a mask of u.s. accepting our exceptionalism
that veils us in a covering of mighty, …

Vans should be shoes not boot stomping snoops
technologically seeing through your privacy for a piracy
of Skull and Bones our throne
for our souls is lacing up the feats of a we democracy
to stand with an undying Spirit of ’76


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