Car Max Car Ad and I Fell Into a Max…

of a matrix that makes us not just inductees but
members in an assembly of god damned beneficiaries of efficiency
auguries of I…industry
cogs in the wheel running down the cottage work hole
with no Luddites to inter…
cedes us down a slippery slope to cope as a cap seized bow
to a scene oh no
“Truman Show”…

up to school any school anywhere same day
same page same way row row row as quantities we grow
go to prison same fence same gate…ways
to a panopticon
that makes us a made-trix waves into wrecktangles and columns
photoactive cells beneath a malillumi…nation
particles into mutants, zombies of a meth…odology at your door
it’s said it’s done imum of the max…i…
become circuit board like
vaccinated en…trance, door gate stair well your ex…its
a well driven, business is the business of an Amer…i…
canned model

up against the wall on Globalism’s Street
sheared numbers aligned in corporations’ sky
scrapers of your private, … parts taken unholy high rollers
suits and ties of an embed spread sheets cover-up
the max…Imum matrix

It’s everything under the sun, … but the max…im