Current See Haul

Imperial powers
did you bring down upon us the twin towers
power and greed
on the grounds burial ground to the sound
of others’ armies on the move riding through to droning
you on your grass fed moving troops horses hooves Humvees
the marching feet eat, women raped, children weep
tepees trees rivers and streams crossings
x…men executions extractions tactics
for taking others’ places
palaces plantations placations to the politics of “we”
need resources theirs become your

Columbus Cortez Romans
Britain U. S. gold silver Mount Potosi…
hymns battle cries wine women treasure
pumped up pockets plump full
the facts of war artifacts … we’ll come back to that

First the land from river to streams paved with tributaries
plants animals buffalo plains from sea to sea
taxpayers looted
but who sees museums full of mis…deeds

Museum of the Bible
National Mall current see haul
the facts
the art of war is looting and it’s not just a Taliban tale
this band plays on demand with your hands

The greatest story ever stole
the Super bowling over the truth
of who


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