Apple Core Lore

Apple and the core of our lore
Apple has its bite but the F.B.I. has its sights
on our sacred rights it wants to gobble up our lives
through a cryptic connection that camouflages its zeal
for a meta-data reel with its seal opening
to your every…where

It has our front door picked with a sneak and peak
aftershock of a collapse and a lapse into a Patriot Act
hammering our bedrock of probable cause for a jackbooted
field goal of shock and awe for invasions
from your home room to your bedroom
in the name of the War, … on Terror

Now its gravity falling on the Tree of Liberty
lands on Apple seeding the possibility that your
back door and thus our house folds
dealing the gamble of free a new coding for King

iPhone becomes F.B.iPhone C.I.aPhone hackiPhone crimiPhone
encryption just another burial ground for privi…see
olly olly oxen free an oxymoron we became just U.S.
two Inland terrorists out our government’s lust to unlock our keys
for their fear of “Going Dark” cha cha Cheney a la Bush Trump
these darkening clouds are a shadow trying to cover up our script
they want to auto-cratically erase our hand written ten amendments
and your ten fail-safe locks

for a new password pathway
where the common we privacy is seized
in effect iPhone is home
felling Apple tree liberty entrenches a no wo/man’s land
all lines mined if tasked to answer…
the ring of a terrified kingdom calling you out

at home plate would be a home run by a Homeland Security
with no liberty
your home is your phone nowadays and this attack goes way back
to the origins of our Fourth and our Declaration of Independence
from a controlling Motherland crown
in 1763
it was said to king and his horses and men being stopped
at the cottage door
the forces of storm and rain may enter and the roof may shake
but your floor and your door
is a threshold no troops or snoops shall enter

This is the key … the whole of we
need to be brave from sea to shining free


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