Not the Fruit Not the Goddess

Apple and Isis
not the fruit not the goddess
but they fell on the front page
on the same day

Now all we need to do is make sure
that Apple isn’t being seeded
for the fertility of a Police State and the infertility of liberty
high stakes for high tech insecurity
not for the goddess but for a new addressing of God Bless America

that enters our phone, way out latchkey…ing an abandonment
of Founding Father principles for children of a new principal
entering your phone turning on your home
lights camera all your actions

they probably already can clandestinely do it
‘cause they see through a DARPA backdoor Dark Op…
…erating internet origins and the Uncle Sam hands Apple Seeding Trial
how many digits in the fall of U.S.
digit…al enhanced interrogation is touching
all you’ve ever said or been
a fortune telling tortuou.s. to bear witness against
a Fifth of our body politic
now screening to bring it to the front door
ringing the bell of farewell to probable cause
seizing our search rights

This is no software pedaling it’s the hardcore where
to setting precedents
for the legality to just do it to any phone i.e. home
they suspect they inspect

Cue through an All Writs Act as an Avenue
into high tech effects never imagined
in 1789
it never meant you could get what doesn’t exist

Existential message from the “Sons of the Caliphate Army”
serves as a software seed feeding for a backdoor
that a federal magistrate deems Apple, you must, rise for a writ
to open encryption into a future “Madison Valleywood Project”
a cyberspace lift off
a knockoff of our cornerstone for a blockbuster
iPhone your phone your home … landing
with a new Fourth … with new dimensions into your person home papers
effects never expected in 1791

A new home honed through CR…isis
is…is it intimidations by U.S. or them
or a not so
coincidental timing combining Apple’s trial and ISIS’s
cyberbullying tech titans
Caliphate to magistrate
to overthrow or catch what is meant by our Ten Amendments

Apple and ISIS
fog of war ignition for the fruition
not of a more perfect union but its…