Some Thought

Grapes vine wine
the wheel chair to there
I think I’d like a glass not half
but overflowing flowering knowing
mon…key not of evolution flame but missing link thinking
fame not knowing the limitations of five sense nonsense deceiving
receiving thoughtful monkeys unlocking the mystery
from here to eternity
have you heard of the Hundredth Monkey scene
islands we aren’t in the sea of infinity

Movement of waves octaves scaling the gravity
to center us in the unseen, … mass
to believe in thoughts consciousness touching the energy
field that dreams us
able to move beyond paralysis of a paradigm
stuck in a narrow slot of time and space

Monkey placed unfortunately in a research station
us them and a way to get from here to…
electrodes eavesdrop a monkey into a wheelchair
listening to her wishes she moves this machine
thought controlled we were never taught our reins held
the wrath of scientism facts and now the grape

diviner of whole body navigation
a see change that the monkey saw the wheelchair recognized
combining monkey and devices for arms and legs unmoving
we embrace the thoughts
moving into a Mary Baker Eddy a whirlpool to a spiritual see
a Kabbalist auric egg for the embryo of a we

are more whole than a five sense sum
and that like the Great White Shark
we may navigate in waves and pathways unthought
these rhesus monkeys peering into steering
through thought
conveyance that if we will we may
then the sum of our parts


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