Eros and Thanatos

Eros and Thanatos

BC, CE, FC.……….
a Ted, … Kaczynski talk for how he knew it would end
“Fuck Computers”
an equation of zeros and ones he made dead

but with a ken rose pen could it be said
Fuck! computers
a double-edged sword having intercourse with a virtual reality
that reality
could be a destructive course digitally how are we going to handle
“IT” I.T. into A.I. and the way we pass

Mano a mano
Monocracy Monoculture Monsanto Monopolies Monogenetic Monosapien Monotony
CRISPRing a New World invasion
is not a Columbus colonialism a Spanish sí vice royalty
a British imperial jewel in the East
these gems are uploaded in our heads hunted
we are the natural beings buffaloed into a Beefeaters
cattleization with a bloody stiff upper lip serving a search engine
that isn’t an army

but a newspeak with a password of your own design
data is mining your resources sourcing your choices
in a gathering world wide
New World effect speaks in your face book
it boon Googles your mind this Amazon runs right through
every living……………
room class gene pool school car doors

not kicking them down this breaking and entering becomes…
your own its peep hole is in your phone
home invasions are a voyeurism that rides through the air
waves we used to see ships on a sea
shifts into an unseen sphere confluence of I and IT quantum leaps
into a deepening end

means these days we run a current we can’t see
it’s a mind game in the palm of your hand
oh fair game we
deer and the antelope played buffalo gone gamers beware
no handwriting required no dictionary
oh Phillip K. Dick Dick Tracy is watching
this search engine is no Magellan but sales are full
this circumnavigation is a globalism
trade wins wound round a PAC’d world sum

All the parts a hum…bug in your ear
channeling not a Christmastide but a soul list thumb driver
and a new text testament
to a cross marking
not BC or CE this is the FC
if it’s delivered by the global hawk messenger in the sky
it’s Caesarism
if it served we, … could it be a preview of a Chardinian noosphere

of influencing an earth consciousness with a cosmic connection
beaming we, we’ll see
saw BC and CE and…
the mathematical errors of an eye for an eye and E=mc2
we need an equation with a T.K., …O of violent ways
a change a F.uture C.onsciousness without
the errors of ego in Eros
into a he and she Thanatos



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