Cartels Cabals and Coups

Drug cartels and political cabals
is the we
the opio…id the ID the fix of U.S. in GOP and DNC
addictions that bind power and greed

modus operators of u.s.
the who’s who did you see the…

“Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act”
sets back the “Controlled Substances Act”
acts acts GOP and DNC
staged democracy
Trump…pets of fascism
bundling of corporations to we
controlling nominations
from New Deal’s William O. Douglas to no deal Bernie Sanders
thieving Wall Street intrigues our most decorated marine
Smedley Butler did see
coups coups not Turkey turnkey to see

DEA DOA if it’s oxycontin and not weed
Big Pharma Purdue pursues its billions
its minions in congress Chu Marino Burgess
who tweak with tongue in cheek in the name of pain
to allow Cardinal CVS and all the rest to gain

Cartels cabals and coups
aren’t foreign terms they ensure running mates
red or blue to write the ways and means
for the profits
war and drugs


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