From Thoreau to this Pro…

Memories let me see in Locke steps an ode to Kaepernick
stand up sit down fight fight fight
might might this knight is right
lean to the left lean to standing up for rights
of man and rights of women Wollstonecraft
the Art of Disobedience

From Thoreau to this pro…test to the testament
that we are free to be not marching
to and fro to another’s drum but to beat
to the rhythm of our internal hymn

Our natural anthem our star spangled banner
waves in an US
that doesn’t have to stand on demand
aman awoman a pledge of allegiance
to sit in a class…room that stands

National anthem gem there is no them just us
to express from playground to playing…
field the seed planted with our original creed
not GMO’d to succeed commercialized corporatized policed and generalized
to stand down to invade what made us

stand up or sit down
the call … replay the shot heard ‘round the world