Egging on of Hits

Nobel prizes for “Exotic States of Matter”
Obama for peace condensed matter physics explain this it’s not foreign
it’s our Secretary of State in the land of Freedom of Press
suggests “Can’t we just drone this guy” big hit for WikiLeaks
drip drip drip and a tip of scales

in a kneel down for Freedom of Speech a Supreme Court Justice
speaks of “they” and “them”
they are “dumb” “stupid” “arrogant” and for “them” there’s
“no law that prevents” and “wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it”
Kaepernick nick nick off the cornerstone
and the playing field condenses into an end zone dead zone
Court marshaled to stand down
stood up as a herd turnstile to a Caesarian coliseum

him and her behind a podium for President
Trump pedaling racism sexism and nuclear family destruction
Clinton and the dynasty of Wall Street servitude and war mongering attitude
man made by “Apprentice” wo/man from Mena and emails
we need a hail Mary pass ala Kaepernick and an uproar
to a Capital Hill with a Jill

but beyond hits for journalists and condescendence from the Bench
the sky is falling
the egging on of hits
and the Egg Board cracks “Can we pool our money and put a hit on him”
Tetrick founder of Beyond Eggs and “Just Mayo”
finds the chickens have come home to roost
toasts boasts and jokes of making a killing
is having a chilling effect in all of u.s.