Inner Ore Same Vein

precious metal of men and women not a king or queen’s jewel
not one to be polished and mass produced
originally discovered in Great Britain an eruption
not of jasper to the crown it looked like, …
of bold hues usually found at night
executed and exported in the name of God Save the Empire
saving grace Luddite and neo-Luddite are now
seen ‘round the world

same vein
leading to the heart this matter undervalued now and then
rising raising consciousness shines in the night re-fused factories
textile style arms in their sleeves held in their hands
cottage clubs of heart wood
war down by their own troops arms of Well…ing…tons of corps
support the throne corps today a daze to wall…
streets fill with Luddite sights hold the would of we, …
democracy labor saving device a volcano, oh our ore

hard core not mouldable through force fire…
…ing squad resistance looking through the imprisonment of industrialism
its prism effect can be seen clearly from soot to smog to Fukushima to PRISM
laps from our past to our shores now rise
Luddite ceiling was a cottage, … home, … now seeing our skylight atmosphere disappear

reappears resurfacing faces shine light in certitude
no superficiality eternally not dull negated but positively charged conductors
not against devices weaving fabrics for our being
against beings … caught woven into a matrix life vice


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