Fake News What is True

Fake news what is true
fake news is not new news it’s been used
since landing in the new
controlling and overthrowing the Third World
is our foreign policy it’s not a Trump start up
it comes down to towers of power a 9/11
emerging seen

Smoke signals signings the sky is falling
Indian Treaties to last forever and ever
disappear fast from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock
when the gold in U.S.
be it shiny or crude it lubricates the “facts” …
from the Black Sea to Afghanistan or the Black Hills
to the Devil’s…
plying the slippery slope Washington Post

to attack presidents or revolutions
from the Bay of Pigs to the jungles of Vietnam
it’s a Gulf of Tonkin … a ship to fool you
no conspiracies no JFK RFK MLK know CIA Northwoods
now known no
Gulf War Kuwait incubators

for fake news “Mockingbird” sing sing Post to Bezos
how does this Amazon flow
sea to see them
touchdown around the globe
a thousand bases a hundred countries
election fraud at home and abroad

Arbenz Mossaddegh Sukarno to Suharto Hussein Assad Taliban
Project for a New American Century
voting machinery isn’t a trumpet made in Russia
it’s a homecoming well honed
a row row row from long ago that now goes
Rove Rove Rove
fake to the right fake to the left it’s a corporate a go go

take over

Let’s begin again, … We the People
with inalienable rights, to life, to a Bill of Rights
let’s balance the power give us liberty let us pursue our happiness
from sea to sea
not globally but in harmony

no kidding bidding
a Happy New Year


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