Black and White Rewrite

On old Nantucket if the residents agree
thee white-footed mice will be GMO’d so nice
with Ivory Tower sight they will rewrite the code of life
tick talk and the slippery feats of men and midnight footprints of mice
meet on I…land with a tick born rhythm
in the rhyme of Lyme

Digital progress GMO’s gene drives
comparing computers to biology comparing machines
with the means of life
“Sculpting Evolution” biological engin…, eerie at the M.I.T.
mosquitos mice ticks and us caught
in the thoughts and talk of man’s drive
for a new CRISPR life design

New tech
today it’s a Lyme free world on Nantucket
a bucket-listing towards an offshore seen through
“Horizontal Gene Transfer”
specious gene drive philosophy could arrive
in species not on target
bullseye for a Vonnegut “Ice Nine”

The whole is more than some I…solated part
it doesn’t add up to CRISPR a tick or mouse
it may be their whisper that adheres
to why we’re still here

Domesticated we domesticated thee GMO’s and gene drives
by and, … bye bye to the wild
in the beginning there was laboratory talk start with a tick
mosquitos a mouse louse lice
anything ick
from mice to men - now hairless and limp
didn’t see

CRISPR…ing gene drives have unusual speed
running over Mendelian inheritance
this sel…fish
evolving science with a molecular scalpel
may be a nucleotide with a PhD title wave
and a tsuna…mi for an unseen DNA sea change

Gene drive buys an un-natural selection killing
the worst at its best and the rest if weaponizing
a reprogramming screening of the science is terr(or)ific
an editing motion with a hubris
that says no no to Rousseau’s “Blessed” man and land
for blessed is a lab coat and a CRISPR intell-I-scientific
a synthetic biology a transcendence not of as above so below
but a la la labora…story guided by our hand

“Technically sweet”
Oppenheimer before tweets entreats you do it
and argue about the Hiroshimas
and the he or she was

Lyme rhyme on the island earth
is there a Nantucket so isolated that a Black-legged tick
won’t find on some trick to treat itself to an unseen ride
that finds a missing slip that fools this “Daisy Drive”
deflowering the CRISPRing ship for a editing without end

The language of life comes in four letters
but it’s consciousness that reads
…nine .…sine …nine …mine who’s mind


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