The Profits Were Peaking

Oh the temptation of…
“Christ, that’s my cell…”
phone technology, g.w.e.n. or h.a.a.r.p.
doesn’t just distract, it appears it attacks
through radiation of a low frequency kind the bees and the birds
but the heard mentally, listening only to its voice
can’t hear the buzz fading to orchards without apples…
and Adam with a sperm count so low
that we may behold
no fruit in the trees or in Eve

The bee’s suffering a navigational disease
that we can’t see
leaves them dying alone
honey bees with CCD
these masters of pollination have been stung
the sting was done because no one
held up the I can’t hang up
phenomenon of a directional heading
herded into our brains for corporate gain

Blood brain barrier
can’t protect us from the instant gratification addiction
that lets waves drive bees from their beloved hive
spelling bee…hive demise
genetically modified corn…porn
or the un-wiring…popular mobile phone historiography

so we can divine with a frequency
that may be the unsequencing
to what began with the birds and the bees and fruit in the trees
and then all we could see
was our hand on our ears
hearing the voice of our choice with no dropped calls

the title wave
so small and the warnings so weak
the profits were peaking
but the peaches
and the pears
were nowhere and that’s when it hit
home sweet home
we’re not alone


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