But How Did You Come To Me…

The old line-up might have lead to look-alikes
that you could see, he looks like #3
does he have a …

Big Brother
now wants any line that lines up…
genetic markers to be a lead that they concede is
nothing that you or me can see
but your DNA looks a lot like
a crime scene

But how did you come to me…
your felonious so called relative brought us to your castle
no moat, no deep throat
just a data base relatively placed
leads to…

“familial searching” can find anyone
so let’s just have everyone…say ouch
pin pricks pen an end to the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments
from Britain to the United States
these Redcoats aren’t in your closets, but your veins
vainglorious imperial powers of eminent domain
now lay claim to our blood…line

No lead is too fishy
the catch of the day is your DNA…
resembles a means to assemble
a base, data that can place you or
someone like you in any scene
and all you can see are the markers

on the tombstone
you read
“His DNA lead him to a…rrest”