A man named Carl Jr.
adopts a school named Sequoia Jr.
and the children join the animals
to become just so many more
happy faces

But behind the happy faces
of principals and C.E.O.’s
are the I.O.U.’s of a hidden agenda
the millions of souls, sold as happy stars
projected on a dome, in the dark,
created to observe the rights of such men

Such men and such rights
rejected by a nearby University
See Sun
for rejecting women’s rights,
Nicaraguan rights, animal rights

Rights seen by the sun
but that light is too bright
so they turn their corporate heads
to dim the universal light
and inject their happy face
on younger faces

The now orphaned public schools
their hands held out
like starving serfs at castle moat
this Jr. school adopts the dollars
forgetting sense, then decency
accepts the check and then the list

This I deal meal
was made to orders
in lessons planned
by Ron and George and Carl, too

Now government, the church,
the state, the principal
the C.E.O., the C.I.A.,
the cop in class
form one big happy face