Raiding the Name of We

Trump through Obama cover the Constitution
to kill

Oratory over the story of we deceived by suits and ties
to lies and failures from 9/11 to WMD’s
the DNC delivers a Trump
Towers T.V. and Gambling a suit above others
a trick to whose advantage
triumph filling our Cabinets with a more obvi-U.S.

“Hope and Change” and along came austerity
Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama executive orders
more of the same same same same same
Iran-Contra-cocaine, C.I.A., NAFTA, Afghanistan Iraq, Drones
School of the Americas
Argentine Solutions for Sandinistas
Israeli Solutions for Palestinians Amer-i-can Solution for “terrorists”
father son now daughter
Americans’ kill lists kill Americans
Anwar Abdulrahman now Nawar
U.S. amen to due process in Yemen

Trumps U.S. … and taps into the dark
Trail of Tears Manifest Destiny
manifestations into Imperialism
not a founding vision
Dreams of we becomes an Executive Branch
not rooted in liberty
but he’s to pipelines through false flag wars for power and greed
Afghanistan in the name of ’76 Mobil Exxon to the next
cutting our ways
in the name of Qatar through Syria then nearer
our home home of the brave

this Dakota Access pipe
has no lineage with our natural peace
pipes a heresy of our heritage
for he’s
masque…raiding the name of we