Little Swine Sci….

This is not an equatorial quest for the heart of
this is a hierarchical speciesism selling cells from another’s womb
a rendering of chimera’s heart lung kidney liver
these are the same organs of invasiveness
that sailed up your rivers and dreams
with a missionary zeal all sealed
the “White Man’s Burden”
to save lives enslaved the hearts of Africa
for southern plantations

Lost souls to save lives lives today
its replacement the transplantation nation
beach-heads with a heart of darkness
reaching not the shores of continents but breaching
the constitutional contents of pig with human stem cell landings
no cluster bombs required these clustering blobs
are the cusp for a generation of chimeras

This isn’t myth or god moving in mysterious ways
this is a Salk Institute with an attitude for composite embryos
yo yo yo
altruistic futuristic or a neo-Luddites’ nightmare
a Rube Goldberg weaving we into Pig-me

For a chimeric co-mix trans-plantation
a new explanation for exploitation
chimerism a new consumerism for fellow mammals
an un-kind can…nibalism for Bull Market organs
playing a trans-mammal immigration that attempts to trick
our immune system to treat an all
consuming history

Could these Pig-me’s cells travel upstream or down…
streaming into the gonads holy pickled pig’s feats bacon beacons
dirty little swine sci… arrives in the pig’s brain
Pig-me with a humanesque scent fries on a
skill…let scientist invade domains
mice cows pigs wow pri…mates
us to organs denying the panpsychism hymn

For a new patent battle cry remember the CRISPR…ing ching ching
now hear this cash register ring cha ching for chimeras
blind edit without audit “in…vention” to another “in…vasion"
Pig-me on a chimeric tale
panning the Gold…en Rule