Auto… Parts From We

Auto parts for an autocracy
mechanics of an oligarchy
it’s not Russia it’s U.S.
it’s not the American way it’s Amway
and the DeVos

it’s a pyramid scheme all seeing the dollar eye
not the foundation promise of we
it’s a billionaires me me me strung from
the puppetry of the two party disease
alternating degrees of the same parasitic primacy of privatization
gateway to a pageantry waltzing together in step to vaccinating
us from dancing in the streets

The nazi’s saw the schools as the way to a thousand year rule
the new millennium toxicant
a white
house mix christian corporate searching to seize through class…
obey stand pledge salute make war
it’s game day
shoot wolves in their dens bears from the air run over protesters and free ways
the anthem plays if you wanna get paid
the owner owns you
wage slavery

Special delivery
privatizations of everything you too
schools to prisons PRISM
mining the New World
Am……way auto…parts from we…
bundled and Mussolini’d by chopping down
the cherished tree