The Eternal Present Cold …… War

without facts is how we attack
not knowing from where Assad or more likely the other side
three jeers and the cheer for the old Cold War comeback
Iraq Libya Syria and the match
revving up the righteous indig…nation U.S.A. U.S.A
Trumps u.s.
“so innocent”
looks to the red white and blue lines “many many lines”
forwar the puppet’s strings are pulled it’s a billionaire’s blooding ball
gas! gas! how sweet it is
look past that morsel our Mosul attack babies mothers children
“Dulce et”, … this is the Red Scare hallow be the penchant for profit
tears for incubator Kuwait bait … switch on the next war
it’s the eternal present
there’s no Korean history just north or south
no MacArthur aggression, southern nukes or KAL downer
just an axis of evil
bundling stakes grinding toward war
same old rhetoric same old Commander in Chief inhaling the wrong
smoke signals
from the race patties of Vietnam to C. Rice smoking gun
a mushroom cloud
is now a cloud cover for a North Korean strike…
up the bandwidth tick talk it’s a minute to


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