Bucks … Shot Heard ‘Round the World

At a time when we ask
do our politicians hang their hats
is it in our homes or in the lobby of lobbyists
lap dogs to dollars

do trophy hunters hang their heads heads severed from others
animals endangered and threatened on the run from high power
ones we’re running out of as heading extinct

the distinction the Smithsonian
Museum so you can see ’em through a loophole bull’s eye lullaby
if you’re a sheep in the sights of a sheik
or a real rich Real Estate Developer
with a flare and a spare
twenty million dollars

a clause with a cleavage only a Brink’s truck
could buy through
import permits if its it adds to a research collection
“Scientific Purposes” even if it’s one of one hundred
as it is in this trophy case

Kenneth Behring shot killed in Kazakhstan
an endangered and threatened sheep
and the sheepish Smithsonian said we’ll hang that head
in the new Behring Family Mammal Exhibit
award winning Ken holder of Safari Club’s
Africa”s Big Five
lion leopard elephant rhino cape buffalo
Bears of The World
polar, alaskan brown, grizz, eurasian bear
Behring hunted on six continents killed more than 300 different mammals

Heads hats off at the Smithsonian for a wall
at our National Hall “It wasn’t against the law”
to kill a Kara-tau in Kazakhstan
where dollars there and here shout louder than Little Bo Peep
and endangered sheep

Deck the halls with severed heads on hollow sounding walls
rare and endangered animals is anathema
to most Americans
what bearing when millions and a past owner of a pro football team
doesn’t need to kick down doors to bring trophy heads home
doors fly open when dollars get the drop on our laws
and we fall pray to the “Real Estate” idea
that the earth and its creatures
are prey
for our bucks … shot ‘round the world

Spring 1999
Sprung 4/10/17