We Enter the Rings

As we’re surveilled around our world
with a tick tock clock at
three minutes to midnight
a NASA Cinderella story named Cassini
sent to see our solar sister
is coming to an end

The fuel fitted to this Saturn mission…
…ary very glass slipper not fit for a Titan or Enceladus
inhabitable moons
so we enter the rings running on empty
to unload plutonium

oh probe
“…blaze of glory” or same old story
from the Manhattan Project to more than 750 million miles from here
have we become “… destroyer of worlds”

oh Saturn
sixth planet of the same sun
within our sphere, … to interfere atmosphere of
different bands playing in different directions at different speeds
not knowing the size and speed
of your core

Gas giant
with this vaporization from our nation
we hope your rings still sing USA USA
I wonder how we’d feel if any
other sphere …
took off here a la Nimbus-B and Apollo 13
with battery crashes into the sea

oh Hexagon
is there another side has the 3rd planet propellered planes too fast
from “Little Boy” to “Fat Man”
jet-streaming to Saturn rockets
now Cassini
is our plane of thought
Pentagon too far


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