The Pressure of the Deep Sea

American eels and the ills
of Empire and population
from Florida to Maine … lobster, the past, pass to monster of a deeper
poverty that leads to a we
and a smuggling industry of a species we don’t even eat

Born in the depths of the Sargasso Sea
elvers, glass eels as the young ones are called…
up the streams of the Atlantic Coast the American eel dreams
of a return to the sea, caught in the net
reverse set of the salmon

Appetite epithet
we don’t eat these they are for Asia
deja vu what are we coming to
biblical salmon so thick you could walk on river
same said of these elvers only they need the pressure of the deep sea
to breed so babies…

it’s off to the Chinese to grow in captivity
outsourcing resources how far are we
NAFTA GATT cash catch phase
moral decay definition of defeat
from upstream to downstream the scales
of source to resource
from up to down from free to Third World
the poverty
the American Glass eel and the ills of a class ceiling

The Deep Sea and the Aquarium
working but not reaching
the returns
we were