Ode to the Family Mendez

Now I lay me down
to rest
in my shack in the back
U.S.A. U.S.A
land of the free and home of the

Crash goes the door the curtain pulled back
I reach for my B.B. …. “gun”
shots number fifteen guns of the sheriffs
no if’s and’s or announcement
I’ll lose my leg my pregnant wife hit in the back
public attack

The judge and the 9th side with me and we’re off to the
Court pronouncement documents no need for the ill-conceived
Provocation Rule
“…the use of force was reasonable.” A. Alito to a 8-0 ruling
measuring my life with one leg my wife and my son to be

will the Fourth it’s back to the Ninth
on warrantless search are we still connected to this Circuit
defense of the poor or just landlords the Bill of Rights
or just the cost of freedom lost