Sad Dog Days

Horse jumping has just leaped
over a hurdle that hurdles
all of us to huddle
around something we cuddle

And its unsettling implications
so subtle that it just may…
change our day to day
dietary ways


sad dog days may make Mad Cow
disease seem
a precursor that now indicts our…
not seeing methods
that fed a species we love
led by specious speciesism
to how now our hands may bring the sounds
renderings unheard…raise a new
dog flu…
genetic mutation of a horse flu virus or us
interfeeding like interbreeding and soon cloning

that lives, living or dead
have a natural order, a design not of mind
or mine
but of heart, a refined divine arrangement

love creates
a vitality…and the reality
when one crosses the Rubicon
of feeding those that you rode to those that you raised

a heart…break
that takes you to
horse…meat dog meets us at the door
an opening
to see or not see
what feeds us
is at the

of this matter


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