Something Unpresidented

Trailer to a new Inconvenient Sequel: cinema verite´
sequels me to darker truths to power
re-entry to an existential unpresidented surrender
by the demeaned Supreme power of the unprecedented 5 to 4 hour
then the Towers

and the trail tailored toward a 911 storm
troopers from here to Afghanistan
Iraq Libya Syria here we are
inconvenient truths Trump…ing us Bush Obama ala la
WMD’s hope and same Gulf of Tonkin Trail of Tears Vietnam
Arab lands

Tailor pin the tail on the Democrats
fat cats and Hillary not the Russians
Gore’s coming attractions predicted the flooding of Ground Zero
but yesteryear’s lore is in
two zero zero zero we needed a hero

Thank you for “An Inconvenient Truth” pollution sucks
the truth out of politics tic tic tic
off inconvenient truths to our Cinderella
shoe to boot kicking off a slippery slope
a storywar that left our shore
let’s reread how we the people
come to be


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