Trump Un…

“Little Boy” and “Fat Man"
developed to deliver an end to the then
axis of evil
Germany Italy on Japan they were
Hiroshima and Nagasaki he or she was
and we
became “Destroyer of Worlds” to end naziism fascism
or for an upper hand on communism

Our capital sang in falsetto to truth through a Truman on high
of first use an arrangement for atomic hegemony
and a refrain “rain of ruin”
that came to include atomic power abuse MAD and right of first use
in tune
“any means necessary” “all options on the table”

“Little Boy” and “Fat Man”
evil and the axe is now bundled in a
Trump Un…
is the one to step back from another
U. S. nuclear attack on Asia deja vu
no august memory
then a Truman now a Trump setting “like the world has never seen”
are you kidding

fascism communism terrorism
or creating memes as continuing means
to dominate economies
fascist tactics politics of terrorism
first strike emphasis to any currency China on the rise

To summarize WWII
Russia ally to enemy Potsdam be damned
V-E day to Nagasaki “rain …” to “fire and fury” is it a drink
a superpower mix of past and present

China Russia U. S. this is the world’s cup
never forget it
holds all of us


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